Daddy's Daughters

Daddy's Daughters

The protagonist - a family psychotherapist from a small private clinic, Sergey Vasnetsov, found himself in a deplorable life situation. His wife left him, leaving his five daughters in his care: the eldest of them, Masha, is a big woman of fashion and heartbreaker, dates many guys; second in seniority, Dasha is a Goth girl; the third daughter is Zhenya, an athlete who is friends with the guys and does not date any of them; the fourth, Galina Sergeevna - an erudite and wunderkind; The youngest father's daughter, Polina, nicknamed Button, is a creatively gifted girl. Girls do their best to please their beloved father. And Vasnetsov founds himself in a complete “blockage” at work and problems with money, but one day there is hope that he will get lucky. And by the will of fate, his client is a rich lady from the Rublyovka Oksana Fedotova, who has everything except family happiness.


Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Aleksander Rodnyansky, Alexey Trotsyuk, Leonid Kuprido, Vyacheslav Murugov, Constantine Kikichev, Aleksander Rodnyansky

Country: RU

Studio: STS

Runtime: 24:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Sep 03, 2007

Last air date: Apr 30, 2013

Episode: 410 Episode

Season: 20 Season

IMDb: 5.4